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Shania's Charity: SHANIA KIDS CAN

Shania Kids Can is a program designed for kids at primary school level who are having personal problems at home.  As a result these children often have difficulties functioning at their full potential in the school environment either socially, behaviorally, academically or all three.  Children with personal life challenges might come to school with low self-esteem, depressed, tired or hungry - not ideal for taking in the joy of learning, the security of community and the pleasure of friendship.

I can personally relate to the effects of growing up with difficulties at home and understand the problems kids can face while trying to fit in with the other students who are not experiencing the same disadvantages in their personal lives.  The Shania Kids Can program aims to help educators identify children in this situation and provide a safe, productive, confidence-building environment where the kids are coached in good and appropriate behavior, taught practical life skills, assisted with homework, given an ear to just simply listen when they need it.  The space provides healthy socializing and a chance to fit in without feeling judged for how they dress, what their grades are, who their parents are or how much money they have, but more for who they are on the inside.

My reason for creating this program is to ensure that underprivileged children in our communities are provided and cared for during their time at school, to help prevent them from falling through the cracks.  I feel luck saved me from falling through the cracks as a child and believe it's neither wise nor fair to leave the destiny of any child to luck. ~ SHANIA

"The Shania Kids Can program supported by Shania recognizes the link between proper nutrition and a child’s readiness to learn.  In our case the results indicate that the children in the program have greatly improved learning skills, social interaction and a bright future to look forward to. The Board is very appreciative of the assistance provided and hopes that the program can be expanded to include more children who can benefit from its fundamental goals and objectives."

-Barry L. Peterson, CGA, Retired Superintendent of Business and Finance and Treasurer, District School Board Ontario North East

Shania Kids Can is in the process of becoming a charitable organization.  In the meantime, you may send a donation to: 

District School Board Ontario North East
P.O. Box 1020
Timmins, Ontario  P4N 7H7
Reference: “Shania Kids Can”

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